Damaged Property Is No Property; Natural Causes of Property Damage and Solution to Fix Them

As we speak about the property, let’s say a nice house you have been living in for ages or you have invested savings worth your life in that particular property. According to a research, several sellers for Minneola FL homes for sale reported that they had to make their house an utmost priority and take care of it like a baby just to maintain its resale value and keep it intact for a longer duration of time.

Property damage is one of the things that can’t be controlled. Like depreciation, this expense normally occurs to maintain the net present value. There are certain causes of property damage that are not in your hand but can be prevented.

Can we control the cost of the damage?

Before we start discussing the property damage, understand that the costs can be covered or at least controlled with the help of insurance. Home insurance is clearly important if something unusual is happening to your home; when you need to fix or replace something it will help cover the financial hardship. But you can also do a couple of simple things around the house to help prevent damage. And a new report shows us where we need to work specifically.

Common Causes of House Damage and What you need to do in Certain Scenarios

Let’s discuss some of the natural causes of property damage and see whether they can be fixed or not.


The first naturally occurring thing that plays an important role in causing damage to your house is the wind. Now obviously, the wind is a natural cause that cannot be eliminated from the area you live in but it definitely does impact the long life of your house.

Wind-related damage is called off my many experts. As mentioned, strong winds can damage roofs, uproot trees and oh don’t forget that your favorite garden gnome might come crashing through the window. In the days when it might monstrously windy, have a look and consider the things that can hit the house or damage it.

What can be done?

  • Know how the tornado watch is distinguished from the tornado warnings.
  • Specify the safest place to evacuate for you and your family when a tornado warning comes out.
  • Build a survival kit with a torch, charger, a weather radio, supplies, and a first aid kit
  • Before a hurricane happens, push the cars in or out of your driveway.
  • Move outdoor plants and garden furnishings indoors until the winds are gone.

Non-Weather Related Water

When we think of water, water through flooding or intense rain can be one of the reasons for property damage but, the domestic water present in the premises of your own house can be the cause of internal damages to the property.

Understand that water leakage can damage the wooden cabinets, flooring as well as the wiring. Keeping a check on all the things that might wear out with time is extremely important.

What can be done?

  • Figure out where your water valve is located so that you can quickly get to it in times of crisis.
  • Turn off the water supply when you are on vacation for a long time.
  • Mount water sensors and plan regular maintenance of the network.
  • Test and repair or replace joints for holes and leaks right away.

Weather-related Water

Non-natural causes of water damage might be easy to replace but, the natural causes of heavy water may put your house in damage too. There can be heavy rains and floods on your house, but you can do certain things to prevent harm. Make sure that the shingles are not rusty and deteriorated and that the roof is in good shape. Rainfall should drain water from the building and gutters need to be free. When you live in an area with cold temperatures, it is important that you keep an eye on the weather changes.

What can be done?

  • By maintaining the pump in prime condition, stop water damage to your basement.
  • Also, you check and reseal the base, walls, doors, and windows.
  • Wash out plugged sewers, vents, and sinks


Hail threatens numerous regions of the country, and you cannot do much to stop it. When necessary, though, place your car in the carport or car garage and push hail-prone items, such as patio furniture, inside or in a covered area when appropriate.

You can’t pick up the home and move it somewhere else, but an attempt to harden it by adding more threat prone building materials.

What can be done?

  • Secure the vehicles in your driveway before the storm hits.
  • Clear indoor furniture from your patio and grass.
  • Use impact-resistant material for roofing.
  • Keep trimming the branches of trees around you.
  • Close the blinds to stop broken glass from entering inside.
  • Stop electrocution when keeping away from the power source.


People who were selling Minneola FL homes for sale have reported the area to be much safer than most of the states in the country but there is still a 1% chance of facing a robbery. This figure might increase depending upon the area you are settled in.

According to the FBI and other crime investigation departments, there is a case of theft every 20 seconds. The invaders might damage your property and cause some serious issues in the electricity supply or water.

What can be done?

  • Contact and empower the neighbors to take care of the suspicious activity.
  • Mount movement prone lights in low light areas or automated timers which can be remotely controlled.
  • If you want to be on leave for an extended period, stop your mail and your newspaper delivery.
  • Establish a routine any time you leave your house to lock both doors and windows.


No property is ever safe from damage. It is important that you keep a track of all the happenings and keep your house safe from serious damage.…